November 2018

Whats new at Broadwood?

We have welcomed Rhianna to our baby team, she is an apprentice working towards her level 3 and will be based in the baby room Monday to Friday.

We have also welcomed Denise who has joined our team and will be running breakfast club every morning and then based within all rooms so please say hi and help us to welcome her to the team.

Upcoming events

Preschool nativity- this will take place on Wednesday 5th December and all parents of preschool children will be given the information from the preschool team.

Christmas party- this will take place on Thursday 13th December and is an event for all of our children and parents so please do come along to this. Details will follow in a separate email.

Learning focus

It’s November now and our learning focus is Communication and Language and the book of the month is ‘Peace At Last’. We have lots of resources here at nursery to help you encourage and support your little ones communication and language skills, and the learning together leaflets ‘Questions and Answers’ and ‘Babies- learning starts from the very first day’ can be found on site to take home with you.

You can use songs with Snapdragons at

Here you will find audio and lyrics to our favourite nursery rhymes

Stories with Snapdragons, fun audiobooks you can find here:


A big thank you to everyone who came along and joined in with our Halloween party, we had a fantastic time and loved everyones costumes! Don’t forget to check out the photos on the website

Whats been happening in…


Babies have been enjoying lots of different activities this month, we have been mark making, exploring hot and cold and going on walks to the local park!


Autumn has definitely arrived in the toddler room and they have been enjoying lots or arty activities and getting messy. They’ve also enjoyed some autumnal walks up to the woods to explore!


Preschool have been enjoying lots of time outside and going on walks to the woods with Tim! see what we found and check out the latest gallery on our page!


Can we please remind all parents that you must not let other parents into the nursery, this is for the safety of all the children so please just ensure you do not hold the door open for anyone.

Please can we remind you that you must not use mobile phones in the nursery at any times. You will be asked to put your phone away and not be let through the double doors until you have done so.

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