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Nursery News

Some of the latest news on our website.

The fun of the farm

Snapdragons Nursery


We've just concluded another fun couple of weeks at Warleigh Lodge Farm and, it goes without saying, we had another incredible time!

Exploring the fields with a brand new set of pre-schoolers, we waded through the streams, charged past the sheep, rode the tractor to see the cows and fed the other animals, like the lambs, chickens and goats.

It's always sad to say goodbye to the farm for another year, but at least we have some great photos to look back on for our memories!

Head to your nursery photo gallery for the full sets or view the videos on our latest videos page.

An odd idea raised a sock load of cash!

Snapdragons Nursery


When we asked for your help to raise money for #PoundsForPorge we didn't give you very much notice but like the troopers you are, you took up the challenge! We've never been so proud of such an epic wardrobe malfunction and we saw odd socks all week. Thank you everyone for taking up the odd socks challenge and, of course, you did it again and smashed it, raising a fantastic £1,150 (and rising).

Get your odd socks on

Snapdragons Nursery

Nearly two years ago, Snapdragons said goodbye to Abbie Dougherty, a much-loved and respected member of the Weston team, and we have missed her every day since. Abbie died of cancer after all available treatments were exhausted. With characteristic bravery and selflessness, Abbie told her best friend and fellow Chew Valley Cats rugby team member, Georgia "Porge" Bryant, that she would like to use her remaining time raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust, who had supported her throughout her illness. Porge threw herself into fundraising so that Abbie could achieve her final wish and she masterminded a campaign that raised £70,000 for the charity. Our wonderful Snapdragons parents contributed towards this amazing total by giving generously at a dedicated Chillfest event and by sponsoring our Pretty Muddy team.

Now we're asking for your help again. Just over a year after Abbie's death, Porge was diagnosed with Leukaemia and, after extensive treatment, has been told that all NHS options have failed. Porge's only hope now is to take part in a clinical trial of a new treatment but there is no NHS funding for this.

In Abbie's memory, we would like to support Porge, her family and friends as they try to raise £150,000 to fund the treatment and travel costs needed.

This week our teams are joining #ChewValleyCats in their #OddSocks campaign and we would love it if your children could join us. All you need to do is raid the bottom of your clean laundry basket to find the inevitable collection of odd socks there and send your children to nursery in the most mismatched socks you can find. Then donate £1 (or more if you wish) to the cause. We will be running the campaign all week, so together could raise over a £1000!

Follow Porge's story on her GoFundMe page at You can also follow her Facebook Group at or the hashtag #poundsforporge on Twitter.

Thank you all for your support and we can't wait to see your odd socks!

Food for spring!

Snapdragons Nursery

Our menus for spring are here! We've been working over the past few months to put together some delicious new recipes for the children at Snapdragons to enjoy through the new season and we've got some tasty treats on there, including chicken pasta, a vegetarian cottage pie and some homemade sausage rolls!

Time to start wishing you were coming to nursery for lunch yourselves... 🤤

International Women's Day 2018

Snapdragons Nursery

On International Women's Day 2018 we'd like to take the opportunity to thank the wonderful women who work in childcare, both at Snapdragons and across the sector.

Your dedication and passion are helping to shape the next generation, making them secure, resilient, inquisitive, strong and kind; helping them to be happy, fulfilled and resourceful; helping them to be ready to learn and to seize life's opportunities.

We respect you for choosing a career that demands hard work, passion, patience, energy, creativity, empathy, sensitivity and love. We respect you for enabling parents to return to work knowing that their children are cared for and educated in a loving environment.

Your hard work means that doctors, nurses, teachers, scientists, retailers, farmers, gardeners and entrepreneurs can contribute to our economy. You should be very proud. We are certainly proud of you!