Our teams receive the best possible training opportunities to support our childcare and education philosophy.

Working to give your child the best possible care, the Snapdragons Nursery teams are amongst the best in the business.

In order to achieve high standards, not only do we provide well-resourced and exciting facilities but we attract and retain highly trained and motivated employees who have a thorough understanding of children and how they develop and learn.

At Snapdragons we are committed to the ongoing development, not only of the children but to each and every one of our team to reach their full career potential. We offer a wide range of training opportunities in order to develop the skills, knowledge and capabilities of our team. We employ two advisory teachers to ensure that our team are able to access current ideas and knowledge in all areas of the curriculum, from numeracy to behaviour management and apply them to the children in their care.  We also have a leader of outdoor learning to encourage a love of learning outdoors.

Many of our team have progressed from apprenticeship level on to level three and then on to graduate status, or have started their careers as apprentices and are now Managers or Early Years Teachers.

High quality service

Snapdragons employ highly trained and friendly customer service teams to deal with your every query so you can be sure that no matter what the problem is you can have it dealt with in a friendly and professional manner. Our Parent Liaison Co-ordinator will contact you at several points throughout the child’s time with us to ensure that your voice is heard and to enable us to respond accordingly.

Offering a dedicated accounts unit to deal with monthly invoicing and funding allows you to be comfortable knowing that you can get your questions answered quickly and without distracting the nursery team from caring for your children.

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