October 2018

Whats new at Broadwood

We would like to say a big WELCOME back to Amy who is our nursery manager, she left to go on maternity leave and she is due back on October 10th!

She will be working Wednesday to Friday and co manage alongside Kerrie who will continue to work Monday-Wednesday.

As always if you have any questions please pop into the office.

Risky play.

At Snapdragons we like to challenge all our children in all areas of learning. The Government’s Health and Safety Executive has produced a new document called ‘Children’s play and Leisure – promoting a balanced approach.’  http://www.hse.gov.uk/entertainment/childrens-play-july-2012.pdf

The document has been produced to tackle myths and untruths that are around about ‘risky play for children’. It makes interesting reading and many points to consider.

 The Key message from the document is:

 ‘Play is great for children’s well-being and development. When planning and providing play opportunities, the goal is not to eliminate risk, but to weigh up the risks and benefits. No child will learn about risk if they are wrapped in cotton wool’. 

So, it’s not about letting children hurt themselves but allowing them to calculate the risk for them selves, they will need adult support, but instead of saying, ‘be careful’ we should be saying, ‘how can we complete the task safely?’ 

Teddy Bears Picnic

A big thank you to everyone who came along and got involved with our Teddy Bears Picnic on Friday 14th September! The child had a visit from the Wiltshire Air Ambulance mascot and a fun picnic tea!! We raised a fantastic £36 which has all gone towards keeping the Wiltshire Air Ambulance flying!!

Concept photography

On Tuesday 16th October concept photography are back at Broadwood.

If you would like your little ones photo taken that day please let us know, If they are not booked in for a session please do feel free to bring them along between 8am - 12pm.

Halloween party!

On Wednesday 31st October we are hosting our annual Halloween party here at Snapdragons Broadwood. This is an event for all of our parents and children so please do come along, siblings are welcome as well as grandparents!!

This is from 6:00pm-7:00pm and there will be some fun games, music and dancing and some spooky snacks as well!


Preschool have been having lots of fun this month! View our full gallery on the Broadwood page!

Toddlers have spent lots of time exploring the gardens this month!

Nursery magazine

The latest copy of our nursery magazine can now be found in the hallway by the sharing library. This is full of lots of information and articles so please feel free to take a copy with you next time you are in.


We have some fantastic new books on our sharing library out in the hallway by the curiosity corner so please do feel free to have a browse with your little one and borrow a book or two, please do remember to sign the books in and out when you take one and bring them back when you are done so another child can borrow it.

Snapdragons Broadwood