Nursery Rhymes of the Week

To help increase the children's knowledge, as well as their communication and language, we've introduced a 'Nursery Rhyme of the Week', focusing on a different song each week. This should allow the children to learn and experience some traditional and modern nursery rhymes whilst at Snapdragons and have a good sing-song along the way!

To help you follow along at home, we will be adding the lyrics, along with an audio track to our website each Monday, so you can listen along too. To find the latest rhyme, just follow the ‘nursery rhymes’ link under our podcast tab, or follow this link.

You can also subscribe to our ‘Songs With Snapdragons’ podcast on iTunes, to have them sent to your mobile device every time we release new ones.

We hope you find the rhymes useful and enjoy them as much as the children do! Here's our latest one so you can start singing along right now!

Snapdragons Nursery