March 2019

Learning focus

This month we are focusing on Expressive Arts and Design and our focus book this month is Chicken Licken.

You can pick up a copy of our learning together leaflet Children as Artists from the nursery.

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Food bank collections

We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who donated towards our food bank collection here in nursery. As you are all aware this is a fantastic cause and your donations have made a massive difference to families in need.

We will be holding regular food bank collections throughout the year.


On Thursday 7th March we will all be dressing up as our favourite book characters to celebrate and would love for the children to join in with the fun as well!

Concept photography

Concept photography are back with us on Thursday 14th March from 9am to 12 on site. All the children on site that day will have their photos taken unless you do not wish them to have them taken.
If your little one isn’t booked in that day please do feel free to pop them along for their photos, just let us know in the office you will be doing so, so we can pop you in.

Martial arts…

Pre-school had a very special visit from Helen who came along to nursery to do some martial arts with them!

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They learn’t all about how to move safely…

snapshot-broadwood -2019-01-16--151-38063-293.jpg

Practiced kicking the pads safely…

snapshot-broadwood -2019-01-16--151-37978-208.jpg

And concentrated really hard at what they were doing! They had so much fun!!

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Babies have had lots of fun out and about this month exploring mark making in the garden…

snapshot-broadwood -2019-01-28--160-40653-070.jpg
snapshot-broadwood -2019-01-28--160-40622-039.jpg

They’ve also been exploring the building blocks and seeing what shapes they can make with them, and measuring and pouring sand #shape,space&measure

Toddler fun…

Toddlers have had a busy month this month, exploring the art area in the toddler room and getting creative…

And they’ve had lots of fun getting outdoors, the rain won’t stop us!!!

snapshot-broadwood -2019-01-22--157-39907-035.jpg


This month preschool have spent a lot of time focusing on our emotions and talking about feelings

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Mobile phones

Parents are reminded that mobile phones and camera devices are not to be used on site at any time. If you are on the phone you will be asked to finish your phone call outside of the nursery before you are allowed access.


If your child has had / or they need medication during their nursery day, we will require you to fill in a specific form for this on site, and a senior member of the team will check this over before we are able to administer this medication. A child must be having a prescribed medication for a minimum of 24 hours before they are able to attend nursery or we are able to administer this medication.


If your session starts at 8 you will be buzzed through to the nursery at the beginning of your session and not before, this is to allow the girls plenty of time to ensure the room is ready for your children. If you have any queries or concerns please speak with Kerrie or Amy.

You can find all of our policies in the Parent policy pack by the sharing library in the hallway if you wish to read through and familiarise yourself with them.

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