February 2019

Food bank donations

This month we will be focusing on what we can do for others here at Broadwood, and so we will be holding a drop off for donations to go towards our local food banks here in Corsham to help families who are in need.

Suggested donations can be:

  • Breakfast cereal (small packets, 1kg packets, variety packs)

  • Fruit Juice (long life carton, 1 litre)

  • Soup (tinned, 400g)

  • Baked beans (tinned, 400g and 200g)

  • Tomatoes (tinned, 400g and 200g)

  • Tinned Vegetables (assorted, 400g and 200g)

  • Instant Mashed potato

  • Meat (tinned, 400g and 200g)

  • Fish (tinned, 100g)

  • Fruit (tinned, 400g and 200g)

  • Rice pudding (tinned)

  • UHT milk (long life, 1 litre and 2 litre)

  • Sponge pudding (tinned, 400g and 200g)

  • Pasta (various, 500g)

  • Cooking Sauces (tins or packets)

  • Sugar (500g)

  • Tea Bags (40s,80s,160s)

  • Biscuits (large packet, small packet)

  • Snack Bars (e.g. cereal bars)

  • Chocolate bar (single bars or multipacks)

  • Baby foods (tinned, jarred)

You can find out more about where your donations will be going by going to the following website http://www.corshamchurchesfoodbank.org.uk/

What’s new at Broadwood?

A big welcome to all of our new starters in January, we hope you have enjoyed your first month here with us at Broadwood and that you are settling in nicely.

There have been no further changes to the staffing team this month but as always we will be sure to keep you updated with any changes.

Snappies superstar

Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 12.10.54.png

Don’t forget you can nominate any one of our team at any time by going to our website and clicking on the Star in the bottom left corner!

If you think someone has gone above and beyond or you simply love what we do, please do go on and have your say and let everyone know how fab our girls are!!!

Don’t forget a very special day coming up this month Valentines day is on Thursday 14th February!!

Don’t forget a very special day coming up this month Valentines day is on Thursday 14th February!!

Learning focus

Our learning focus this month is Shape, Space and Measure and our book of the month is ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’

You will see lots of activities focusing on these areas over the month so keep your eyes peeled and see what we get up to on our social media!

snapshot-broadwood -2019-01-04--140-35798-047.jpg

Term dates at Broadwood

February half term- Monday 18th to Friday 22nd

Monday 25th is a TD day so school children return on Tuesday 26th

April half term - Monday 8th to Monday 22nd

Tuesday 23rd is a TD day so school children return on Wednesday 24th

May half term - Monday 27th to Friday 31st

Summer holidays - Friday 26th July to Friday 30th August



We are having a big push this month on recycling pens in the nursery and have a collection box in the office for all finished pens, so please do feel free to bring any you have at home in to us here!

Baby learning - Broadwood.jpg

We have our fantastic Baby Learning group for new parents and babies starting at the end of January here at Broadwood. It is a completely free session but spaces are limited, please can we ask that you share this with any friends or family who are new parents and see if they would like to contact us to book in to these sessions.


Cold weather!

Its still so cold and due to get even colder soon (BRRRRRR) so can we please ask all parents to remember to provide appropriate clothing for their children when they come to nursery, including Hats, Gloves, Coats and Wellies so we can continue to get out and about even though it is super chilly!

Drop off and collection

Can we please remind all parents that you must not hold the door and let other parents in to the nursery. This is essential to ensure the safety of all the children in the nursery. If there is another parent waiting to come in please grab the nearest member of staff who will be happy to help.

Mobile phones

Please can we remind all parents that this is a mobile free nursery and so we ask you to either leave your mobile phones in your pockets or the car and not use them anywhere on site when dropping off or collecting your child/ren

Whats been going on in….

Babies have been embracing our outdoors theme this month with lots of play and activities outside

snapshot-broadwood -2019-01-11--145-36806-066.jpg

Toddlers have been extremely busy this month, exploring the gardens and having fun with their friends

snapshot-broadwood -2019-01-11--146-36898-010.jpg
snapshot-broadwood -2019-01-11--146-36904-016.jpg

and not forgetting, also getting very, very messy with some sensory activities!!

snapshot-broadwood -2019-01-04--141-35884-023.jpg

Preschool have been getting crafty this month and creating some fantastic works of art in the art corner

snapshot-broadwood -2019-01-11--146-36965-077.jpg
snapshot-broadwood -2019-01-11--147-37055-042.jpg
snapshot-broadwood -2019-01-11--147-37091-078.jpg

You can check out even more photos on our Broadwood page on the website and see what else we’ve been getting up to!!

Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 08.12.29.png

Dates for your diary…

World book day Thursday 7th March

Concept photography are returning on Thursday 14th March

Snapdragons Broadwood