July - August 2018 news

What a wonderful month or so that we have had at Snapdragons Atworth. Please take a look below at what we have been up to.

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Pre-school Graduation

We spent a wonderful day with our pre-school children by celebrating how fantastic each and every one of them during our graduation ceremony.

It is with a very heavy heart that we say goodbye to our pre-school children who are leaving to go to school. We know that they all will be fantastic and will all go on to do brilliant things. Please do come back and visit us!

Sports day

After our graduation ceremony we had a fantastic day with all of the families across the nursery who joined us for our annual sports day. The sun shone down on us and as usual we loved seeing you all. A huge thank you to everyone who came.

Do you have a Snappy Superstar?

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If you love the work we do at Snapdragons Atworth, please let us know about it!

You have the ability to nominate our amazing staff for the hard work they do daily by heading to our website and nominating your snappy superstar!

Alternatively, you can send us an email if this is easier for you!

We're going on a bear hunt......

Our story of the month is 'We're going on a bear hunt' and the focus area this month is outdoor learning. Please watch out for any bears that may be wandering around our nursery during this month!

Please have a look at our twitter page @snapatworth for pictures of what the rooms have been up to. 

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Nursery opening hours

The Nursery is open from 8:00am - 6:00pm.

We would like to remind parents that unless you are on specific funded session or have pre-paid for an early drop off session, you are asked to drop and collect your child/ren within the hours of your session.

If your child is on a specific funded session, please arrive within the the hours of your session or you will be charged an early/late fee.

Mobile Phone Policy

We would like to remind that it is against nursery policy for anybody to use their mobile phones in the nursery If you are on your phone you will be asked to finish your conversation before being let into the building.

Car park safety

Please can all parents ensure that they take care in our car park as it can get very busy. Also if you are driving please can you ensure that you are driving slowly to ensure that all children, parents, staff and visitors are safe when walking in the car park.

Best of luck to all of our wonderful children who are leaving to attend school.

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We also look forwards to all of our new families who will be starting with us very soon!

Snapdragons Atworth