June 2018 news

Welcome to our monthly newsletter for Snapdragons Atworth.


Team News

Firstly, we would like to share our fantastic news regarding our recent promotions within our Atworth team.

Christina, who was the Deputy Manager and Head of Pre-school, has been promoted to the Nursery Manager.

Harriet who was previously the Head of our Baby room, has been promoted to the Deputy Manager of the nursery and continues to be our Head of the Baby room.

Natalie, who was our Nursery Nurse, has been promoted to our Head of the Pre-school room. Natalie is also continuing to complete her Forest School training.

We have also welcomed a new member of staff to our team; Isobel. She will be based in the Pre-school room and was with us prior as our college student.

Please feel free to say a big hello to them next time you see them!

Have a look at our team page to see all of our fantastic team members or have at look at our team board inside of our nursery.

Do you have a Snappy Superstar?

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If you love the work we do at Snapdragons Atworth, let us know about it!

You have the ability to nominate our amazing staff for the hard work they do daily by heading to our website and nominating your snappy superstar!

Alternatively, you can send us an email if this is easier for you!

Warleigh Lodge Farm Trip

This month our pre-school school leavers had a fantastic trip to Warleigh Lodge farm. 

The children all had a fantastic day. They were able to feed animals such as the lambs, cows and goats! They saw the Peter Rabbit tree which they all climbed through, not to mention the amazing tractor ride through the fields!

The sun shone down on us all day and we took home some extremely happy children.

Thank you to all the members of staff who helped and all the parents who re-arranged their child's day so that they could attend!

Also, a huge thank you to Warleigh Lodge Farm for a lovely day and such a warm welcome as per usual.

Please have a look through the photographs above. We also have lots more pictures on our 'Atworth photo's' page.

Jack and the beanstalk arrives in Atworth

snapshot-atworth -2018-06-18--007-1086-256.jpg

This month our story of the month is Jack and the Beanstalk. We have gone Jack and the beanstalk crazy at the nursery with beanstalks growing in the rooms, beanstalks growing in the gardens and even giants coming to visit the children!

Please feel free to come in and see our beanstalks that have grown.

Also, this month's theme is Expressive Arts & Design. This means that we will be getting extra creative with all art mediums. Think texture, colour, mess and noise. Lots of fun all round!


Nursery opening hours

The Nursery is open from 8:00am - 6:00pm.

We would like to remind parents that unless you are on specific funded session or have pre-paid early drop off/late pick up, you are asked to drop and collect your child/ren within the hours of your session.

If your child is on a specific funded session, please arrive within the the hours of your session or you will be charged an early/late fee.

Mobile Phone Policy

We would like to remind that it is against nursery policy for anybody to use their mobile phones in the nursery If you are on your phone you will be asked to finish your conversation before being let into the building.

Car park safety

Please can all parents ensure that they take care in our car park as it can get very busy. Also if you are driving please can you ensure that you are driving slowly to ensure that all children, parents, staff and visitors are safe when walking in the car park.

Thank you all. See you soon!

Snapdragons Atworth