February 2019

Outdoors month

In January everyone at nursery has been busy exploring the big outside world. They have been making musical shakers using outdoor materials, exploring outdoor objects, going on nature walks, planting seeds (bought from our local garden centre), bringing the outdoors inside and discussing all the different types of weather.

Nee Naa Nee Naa!

We had a special visit from members of the Avon Fire Rescue team. The children and staff had a brilliant time exploring the fire engine, they even got to hold the hose. Take a look!

Staff news


Kirby from Puffins is expecting a baby in May. Congratulations!

Patrizia has completed her Level 3 qualification

Veronica has completed her Level 2 qualification


Please make sure all food is removed from your children’s bags before leaving them at nursery, outside food is not allowed on site due to children’s allergies.

In Puffins there are two boxes of lost property. Please have a look through, any clothes left over will go to charity.

You may have noticed our Curiosity Cove as you walk into the nursery. We are looking for any items to add to and enhance the area. If you have anything suitable at home that you no longer need and you would like to donate to us we would be very grateful.


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