July 2018

A Giant Visitor 

Last month the children were so excited to discover that during the night a Giant had been through nursery leaving a trail of destruction, knocking over chairs and leaving some very large muddy footprints. He had also lost one Giant sized shoe and a pocket watch. They loved discovering what else he had been up to while no one was here and had great fun creating their own role play stories to continue the theme, as well as having a go at some observational drawings of beanstalks. Also following our Jack and the Beanstalk story were our toddler children who measured themselves against the beanstalk and created their own magic beans.

snapshot-weston -2018-06-13--2123-212639-149.jpg

Betty's Fundraising

Betty is one of our Puffin (Preschool) children and has made the decision to have her very long hair cut off and will be donating it to The Little Princess Trust. This is a charity that creates free wigs for children and young adults who have sadly lost their own hair due to cancer treatment and other illnesses. Betty is having her hair cut on August 20th 2018, if you would like to  sponsor her please go to her just giving page https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/bettyhaircut            any donations are hugely appreciated and will make all the difference.                                               


Welcome to the Team

We are very pleased to welcome some new additions to the team, Becky is joining us as Head of Flamingos, Abbie is coming to help within our After school club and Luca is joining Matt and Sam in the Kitchen. Please be sure to say Hello next time you are here.


On Wednesday 4th July we are getting dressed up as some Drs, Nurses and other NHS professional to help celebrate the NHS turning 70, if any of our hardworking NHS parents would like to come and join us we would be honoured.

Our annual Preschool Graduation and Sports day is nearly upon us. It starts at 9.30am this Sunday 8th July. We hope you can join us for the celebrations.

I hope you are all enjoying this lovely weather that we are having, could you please ensure that you provide suncream and sun hats for your child/children so that we can make the most of our sunny days.


If anybody has any old clothes that you are looking to part with, particular for older children 5+ we would love to take them off of your hands.

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