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Wonderful Welsh Cakes

Mini Minds

Wonderful Welsh Cakes

Catherine Bond

To celebrate St David’s Day the children experienced how much fun it was to cook their own Welsh cakes. 

Cooking is a fantastic opportunity for hands on learning, so we make sure those hands are washed thoroughly first! We talk about how this is important to keep ourselves and others healthy.

Aprons on for more cleanliness and everyone is ready to find out about the names and uses of all the cooking equipment they will need, boosting language by increasing their vocabulary and understanding.  

As the recipe is followed step by step, they are learning to follow simple instructions and the sequence of what comes next. Early literacy is also evident in the concept that printed words carry meaning, both by looking at the recipe and on the packaging of the ingredients.

The process of making the Welsh cakes holds so many experiences that actively engage their interest and capacity for learning.

Mathematics is supported through measuring ingredients using scales and spoons, thinking about how much is needed, do we need more or less? Is it heavier or lighter? Deciding which size spoon to use, big or small?

A wide variety of different actions using a range of utensils help their physical development, such as having a go at carefully scooping, pouring, sieving and mixing. They love the experience of using their hands to rub the butter, sugar, spice, flour, raisins and egg together to form a dough, seeing the process of change. Always popular is using a big rolling pin to prepare the dough ready to press and twist the circle cutter to make the little round cakes ready to fry gently in the pan.

The sense of achievement and the turn taking involved in working together increases their self esteem and social skills. Above all, the best part is at the very end…..tasting the finished Welsh Cakes and learning how delicious they are!