It's time to talk about snow....

We may not have seen much of the stuff at the moment, but the warnings are in place - it could be coming in tomorrow and so we’d just like to make everyone aware of the protocols in place should the downfalls be heavy.

Every nursery will always make every attempt to remain open in any circumstances, but heavy snow can cause travel disruption which impedes the ability of some of our employees to get into work on time.

Should you rise one morning and see the roads looking particularly covered in snow or ice and generally have any doubts about what the situation might be, you have a few options which we’ll lay out here now.

  1. Follow our Twitter feed. Our fastest updates will always be on Twitter (, so if you want to know ASAP, check there.

  2. Check this website. We’ll also keep our front page ( updated with our latest info as we release it.

  3. Phone your nursery. The team will be on hand to let you know what the situation is, but please be aware that the lines will be particularly busy if everyone is trying to phone in.

As mentioned, we will do everything we can to avoid any disruption, but we have to ensure that our teams are safely onsite and that we can provide adequate care for any children that arrive.

For now, have a lovely evening and hope for enough snow to make it fun with minimal impact!

Snapdragons Nursery