International Women's Day 2018

On International Women's Day 2018 we'd like to take the opportunity to thank the wonderful women who work in childcare, both at Snapdragons and across the sector.

Your dedication and passion are helping to shape the next generation, making them secure, resilient, inquisitive, strong and kind; helping them to be happy, fulfilled and resourceful; helping them to be ready to learn and to seize life's opportunities.

We respect you for choosing a career that demands hard work, passion, patience, energy, creativity, empathy, sensitivity and love. We respect you for enabling parents to return to work knowing that their children are cared for and educated in a loving environment.

Your hard work means that doctors, nurses, teachers, scientists, retailers, farmers, gardeners and entrepreneurs can contribute to our economy. You should be very proud. We are certainly proud of you!

Snapdragons Nursery