Partying with best of the best

On Saturday, we celebrated another fantastic year with our teams across Snapdragons, as we all met up at We The Curious in Bristol for a fun-filled evening of games, food and dancing.

With over 200 employees in attendance, this was no ordinary Christmas party, as the tables were packed with our hard-working teams looking for a night off from changing nappies and setting up art activities. The cash grabber machine offered opportunities to win prizes, whilst the snowboard simulator offered opportunities to… fall off in an embarrassing manner.

The annual party is also the perfect place to announce our awards for the year, voted on by everyone who works for the company, so each winner knows they got there through the votes of their peers and coworkers.

As always, it was fantastic to see so many in attendance, having a wonderful time and showing us what an amazing team of diverse people we have working for us. The party will only continue to grow in size, as we complete the opening of our new Redland nursery in 2019.

Congratulations to all of our winners and also a massive thank you to all of the employees of Snapdragons, who prove to us, day in and day out, exactly why they’re worthy of being called “the best of the best”.

2018 Snappies Awards Winners

Commitment and Dedication - Winners

  • Anne-Marie Jones

  • Tayla Everett

Runners Up

  • Amy Byers

  • Kira Pearce

Inspirational personality - Winners

  • Hannah Saunders

  • Lyndsey Tanner

Runners Up

  • Christina Noton

  • Paulina Rybicka

Supportive personality - Winners

  • Jenna Schroeder

  • Kim Webster

Runners Up

  • Bethan Haughton

  • Emma-Louise Gissing

Creativity - Winners

  • Amy Rabbitts

  • Katherine Skuse

Runners Up

  • Lorraine Pascoe

  • Emily Sargeant

Childcarer - Winners

  • Abigail Hiscox

  • Sarah Chalk

Runners Up

  • Eleanor Knott

  • Paige Lippiatt

Rookie of the Year- Winners

  • Elise Cullen

  • Zahria Laing

Runners Up

  • Halle Wheadon

  • Isobel Lawton

Mucky Pup (messy activities) - Winners

  • Elizabeth MacDonald

  • Nicholas Holder

Runners Up

  • Shannan Timbrell

  • Gabrielle Fear

Creative Environment - Winners

  • James Fulford

  • Timothy Graham

Runners Up

  • Lauren Jeffries

  • Katie Lally

Pearly Whites (always smiling) - Winners

  • Katie Adams

  • Lynda Brown

Runners Up

  • Hannah Woolley

  • Carl Houghton

All rounder - Winners

  • Natalie Rankin

  • Zoe Casey

  • Bethany Kneebone

  • Maxwell Bendall

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