Success at the Snapdragons Quiz!

The Snapdragons Quiz returned on Saturday night, starting its tour at Snapdragons Corsham, where 30 parents took part in six rounds of questions.

Starting with a delicious chilli con carne, the action swiftly begun, as everyone prepared to get stuck in. What followed was a selection of fun and engaging questions, designed to let everyone play a part. We're not fans of quizzes that only test the encyclopaedia buffs. Or quizzes that make you feel like you know nothing. Because they're not really that fun.

So we set out to create a quiz that doesn't ask you to study, or even to know that much - most of the answers are there for you on the night if you look hard enough. Plus they require to discuss and think about it with your team. Which is what the evening should be about - teamwork and conversation, where no one is left out for not knowing the subject.

And, judging by some of the feedback we've received, we've managed just that!


We've got two more quizzes lined up, one at Weston on April 29th and then at Horfield on May 13th. So don't hesitate - head to the booking page and grab your tickets now! £5.00 a head for dinner and a fun quizzy evening is an absolute steal!

Buy Weston tickets - April 29th

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Winning team 'Quizzy McQuiz-Face' rejoice.

Winning team 'Quizzy McQuiz-Face' rejoice.