September 2018

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Learning Focus

Our focused area of learning this month is Numbers and our story is The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Disney Day

On Wednesday 5th September we will be holding a Disney themed day, where everyone is encouraged to come dressed as their favourite Disney character. 

We would love as many parents as possible to join us for a themed tea party at 4pm, followed by a dance party to our favourite Disney tunes! Extra brownie points to parents who come dressed up!

We ask that you bring a pound donation on the day, as we are fundraising for Cancer Research UK. Some of our brave staff will be doing a skydive on Saturday 8th of September for the cause. You can donate to their fundraising page here, every little bit helps! 


We would like to welcome Melissa and Lauren who will be joining Team Grosvenor in September. There have been some movement amongst our existing staff too, with Emily S will be moving to our Pre-School Team and Katie to the Baby Room. To familiarise yourself with our room teams, check out our notice board on the ground floor in the Nursery.

Nursery News

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Our Toddlers have been busy, giving our toy animals a much needed bath...

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snapshot-grosvenor-2018-08-24--2180-221056-019 copy.jpg
snapshot-grosvenor-2018-08-28--2182-221193-007 copy.jpg

... and using our steady hands to thread!

snapshot-grosvenor-2018-08-07--2170-220037-108 copy.jpg

They really loved August's book of the month, We're Going on a Bear Hunt


Babies took over the Pre-School Garden to practice their balance on the stepping blocks...

snapshot-grosvenor-2018-08-24--2180-221083-046 copy.jpg
snapshot-grosvenor-2018-08-14--2177-220827-068 copy.jpg
snapshot-grosvenor-2018-08-14--2177-220849-090 copy.jpg

... and had a ball with bubble blowing!


Pre-School have been learning about where our fresh vegetables come from..

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snapshot-grosvenor-2018-08-07--2170-220009-080 copy.jpg

... and using some creative instruments to water them!!

As well as learning about different natural textures


It's time to start thinking about your halloween costume again! We will be holding this years halloween party on Tuesday 30th October from 4-6pm. We invite all parents to come and join us.


Nursery Hours

The Nursery is open from 08:00 to 18:00. Unless you have a pre-arranged early drop off, we kindly ask that you do not ring the door bell before 08:00, as we will not be able to let you into the building until 08:00.

Mobile Phones

Please remember that it is against Nursery Policy to use your mobile phone in the nursery. If you need to answer a phone call, please ask one of our staff to let you out before you answer.

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