November 2018


Learning Focus

This month, we will be focusing our language and communication. The supporting learning leaflet is “ Questions & answers” which can be found on the noticeboard in the hallway.
Don’t forget to also look out for our hashtag on social media #snapslanguage to see what we get up to!

Our book of the month is Peace at Last by Jill Murphy

We love to see our children learning at home. You can find some resources for learning at home below:

You can use songs with Snapdragons at

Here you will find audio and lyrics to our favourite nursery rhymes

Stories with Snapdragons, fun audiobooks you can find here:

Cook and bake our delicious nursery meals at home with our nursery kitchen!


snapshot-grosvenor-2018-10-30--2215-225072-003 2018-10-31 11_52_58 copy.jpg
snapshot-grosvenor-2018-10-30--2215-225089-020 2018-10-31 11_53_01 copy.jpg
snapshot-grosvenor-2018-10-30--2215-225094-025 2018-10-31 11_52_47 copy.jpg
snapshot-grosvenor-2018-10-30--2215-225100-031 2018-10-31 11_52_41.jpg

Thank you to all the families who made a huge effort for our Halloween Party! We had so many parents and siblings come and join the party which was great to see! There were so many amazing costumes, it was just too hard to pick best dressed!!

Sparklers & S’mores

on Wednesday 7th we will be holding out annual Sparklers and S’mores party. We ask all parents to join us from 4:30pm onwards to come and have a fun night around the bonfire. We will obviously be outside so remember your warm winter jackets!

Nursery News

Keep up-to-date with whats happening on our notice boards around the nursery, and head over to our Grosvenor page to see the latest Snapshot and pictures!

Upcoming Dates

Thursday 7th November: Sparklers & S’mores 4:30pm

Friday 30th November: Pottery Painting

Thursday 13th December: Grosvenor Nativity, 10:30am & 2:30pm

Tuesday 18th December: Grosvenor Grotto

Wednesday 19th December: Grosvenor Christmas Party


Pre-School were enjoying their new curiosity corner..

snapshot-grosvenor-2018-10-16--2204-223933-012 copy.jpg
snapshot-grosvenor-2018-10-25--2212-224904-169 copy.jpg
snapshot-grosvenor-2018-10-25--2212-224870-135 copy.jpg

…and enjoyed the fruits of their labour after using the apple press!

snapshot-grosvenor-2018-10-25--2212-224906-171 copy.jpg
snapshot-grosvenor-2018-10-25--2212-224887-152 copy.jpg


Toddlers were mixing a magical potion, inspired by the book of the month for October Room on the Broom

snapshot-grosvenor-2018-10-16--2204-224147-226 copy.jpg
snapshot-grosvenor-2018-10-25--2212-224795-060 copy.jpg
snapshot-grosvenor-2018-10-25--2212-224748-013 copy.jpg

… and got into Halloween season, using teamwork to clean and carve out some pumpkins!


Babies enjoyed some sensory bubble play..

snapshot-grosvenor-2018-10-16--2204-224085-164 copy.jpg
snapshot-grosvenor-2018-10-16--2204-224066-145 copy.jpg
snapshot-grosvenor-2018-10-25--2212-224821-086 copy.jpg
snapshot-grosvenor-2018-10-25--2212-224845-110 copy.jpg

… and continued the sensory theme by creating art collages with different materials



The Nursery is open from 08:00 to 18:00. Unless you have a pre-arranged early drop off, we kindly ask that you do not ring the door bell before 08:00, as we will not be able to let you into the building until 08:00.


Please remember that it is against Nursery Policy to use your mobile phone in the nursery. If you need to answer a phone call, please ask one of our staff to let you out before you answer.

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