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Have your say

James Collard

It's that time of year again everyone, as we've just sent out links to our annual Parent Questionnaire, giving families at Snapdragons the chance to have their say, providing invaluable feedback on the care we provide - feedback that helps shape our nurseries for the next year.

Once again, we're offering one lucky participant the opportunity to win a week of free childcare, which means you could have some extra cash in your pocket to treat yourself to a nice meal out somewhere.

Links have been emailed to all current families at Snapdragons, but if you haven't seen one (and think you should have), then check in at your nursery to find out how to get access.

We can't wait to hear some of your comments and start implementing new changes based on your feedback!

Success at the Snapdragons Quiz!

James Collard

The Snapdragons Quiz returned on Saturday night, starting its tour at Snapdragons Corsham, where 30 parents took part in six rounds of questions.

Starting with a delicious chilli con carne, the action swiftly begun, as everyone prepared to get stuck in. What followed was a selection of fun and engaging questions, designed to let everyone play a part. We're not fans of quizzes that only test the encyclopaedia buffs. Or quizzes that make you feel like you know nothing. Because they're not really that fun.

So we set out to create a quiz that doesn't ask you to study, or even to know that much - most of the answers are there for you on the night if you look hard enough. Plus they require to discuss and think about it with your team. Which is what the evening should be about - teamwork and conversation, where no one is left out for not knowing the subject.

And, judging by some of the feedback we've received, we've managed just that!


We've got two more quizzes lined up, one at Weston on April 29th and then at Horfield on May 13th. So don't hesitate - head to the booking page and grab your tickets now! £5.00 a head for dinner and a fun quizzy evening is an absolute steal!

Buy Weston tickets - April 29th

Buy Horfield tickets - May 13th

Winning team 'Quizzy McQuiz-Face' rejoice.

Winning team 'Quizzy McQuiz-Face' rejoice.

Learn with Mini Minds

James Collard

We are delighted to announce the launch our new blog, Mini Minds, bringing to you short features and articles all about the learning and education practices for the children at Snapdragons Nursery.

Each post will focus on different aspects of the children's learning, taking into account our monthly themes, current events and festivals, outdoor learning, healthy eating, as well as many others.

Our first post is written by Catherine Bond, one of our Early Years Advisory Teachers, who is looking at a recent activity the children have enjoyed - baking Welsh Cakes. She looks into the different experiences the children go through during the activity, identifying the skills that they'll be developing.

Head over to Mini Minds to start ready and remember to check back for new articles each week!

Spring menus are here

James Collard

We're saying goodbye to winter and bursting into spring with our new springtime menus. They're packed with colourful fruit and vegetables and carefully balanced to give your children all the nutrients they need to learn and play with energy.

Spring brings with it some tasty seasonal delights, such as spring greens, carrots, purple sprouting broccoli, courgettes and rhubarb and we've featured these in our meals to make the most of the fresh ingredients we can buy locally. You may notice that we've added a weaning menu for very young babies too. These simple purees are based on ingredients in the main meals and accompanied by finger-foods so that babies are experiencing a range of flavours and textures to develop their taste for lots of different foods. Of course, weaning is individual to every family so close communication between parents and our team helps to ensure that babies are introduced to food in the way you want.


Take a look at our latest menus for the season to see some of the delicious dishes that your children will be able to enjoy at Snapdragons. You'll see favourites like fish fingers, cottage pie, sausage and mash and spaghetti bolognese as well as some more adventurous meals to develop little palates. They're all made from scratch using top quality fresh ingredients from our local suppliers. The nurseries currently participating in the 'Food For Life' programme are: Grosvenor, Horfield, Keynsham & Weston. Other nurseries follow these menus, but are not currently enrolled in the programme.

Welcome to The Nursery Kitchen

James Collard

We're excited to bring you a new series, all about cooking and we've called it The Nursery Kitchen! We love cooking at Snapdragons and try to encourage the children to prepare and eat healthy and fun meals throughout their nursery day and their lives in general.

With Shrove Tuesday coming up tomorrow, the first episode is all about pancakes! Big fluffy American ones that are a bit different than your usual crepes. We show you three variations on a theme, all using the same basic recipe. Try blueberries paired with lemon curd, roasted butternut squash pancakes topped with grated cheese, or spinach pancakes partnered with homemade tomato sauce. Have a read of the recipe below and then watch the video to see how easy it is!

Ingredients (to serve 4-6)
135g plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
130ml milk
1 egg
2 tbsp butter