Why Snapdragons?

So you've seen a position you're interested in, but you're asking yourself: "Why should I work for Snapdragons?" It's a fair question and one we hope we can answer for you right now. We've got a whole host of benefits that come with a position at Snapdragons Nursery and we're sure you'll find something you'll like in there. In fact, if there happened to be something that we've missed off of our list, that you'd like to see, then let us know using the form at the bottom and we'll do our best to make it happen!

Birthday leave

We all like a bit of free time on our birthday and that's exactly what you get at Snapdragons - free time. Each year, you'll get a bonus day of holiday for your birthday, meaning you can celebrate in the way that you want to.

Flexible working hours

Life isn't aways easy and sometimes you need to fit a hectic schedule around your work-life. But that's fine. We understand. And we'll work with you to try and establish something that fits with your lifestyle, as best as we can.

Extra holiday

Sure, nobody really likes working Bank Holidays. But at least you’ll get something back if you do, because you earn additional time off for each bank holiday you work, which means more time away with your friends on a longer holiday in sunnier climes. With all the Bank Holidays we have across the year, that could mean a whole lot of more time off for little old you.

Christmas breaks

It's always a bit frustrating when you get called in to work between Christmas and New Year, isn't it. You just want a bit of time with your family after a long year. Well guess what? That will never happen at Snapdragons, because every employee will take advantage of a week-long break during the festive period. Our Christmas gift to you.

Established apprenticeship scheme

It can be hard starting your career in childcare, which is why we offer some brilliant apprenticeship schemes to get you on your feet. You'll get to work in an environment designed for children, learning through practice, as well as learning with some of the best tutors in the business, to gain your childcare qualification.

Free snacks & lunches

We have specially crafted tuck boxes at each nursery, designed to give you a little boost throughout the day, so feeling a little low, grab a snack to raise your spirits and get you ready for the next big thing. Employees at Snapdragons are also encouraged to dine with the children, to engage with them socially and participate in dinner time. Which means you get a lovely portion of our award winning meals served to you too!

Luxury products

We stock all of our restrooms with beautiful hand washes and hand creams from Bramley, meaning the trip to the toilet is less of a chore and more of an experience, leaving your hands feeling and smelling great.

Free DBS check

Everyone needs one, we know this. But they can become a burden, which is why we offer them for free for our teams. You'll be reimbursed once you've completed your first 18 months, meaning that's extra money in your pocket and not in someone else's.

Free online training

Sometimes it's useful to learn a few new tricks before you start work, so all new employees get access to our online training portal, so you can brush up on those skills.

Annual pay reviews

You all want to feel like you can earn yourself some extra coin, so that's why we review every single person’s pay each and every year, taking into account your performance and also feedback from your managers.

In-house training programme

The training we offer in-house at Snapdragons is second-to-none. Designed to help our teams fully understand their roles and how they can improve their performance in the nursery, the courses are both engaging and informative.

Free paediatric first aid training

We want you all to be comfortable in your role at nursery. And sometimes that means being able to deal with any situation calmly and effectively. First aid training is one step towards achieving this state of calm. And it's why your training will be free as an employee of Snapdragons.

Annual Christmas party

There's an old saying that goes something like "If it's not a Snapdragons party, it's not a real party." Funnily enough, that saying is still true to this day, as we throw the best parties, full of scrumptious food, dazzling entertainment and an unbelievable raffle, stuffed with desirable prizes. But the best part? It's all free when you work for Snapdragons.


Annual awards

Prior to our Christmas party each year, you'll have the chance to nominate your fellow colleagues in a variety of categories, giving them to chance to win at the awards when they are handed out at the party. This is the perfect chance for peer-to-peer recognition and letting somebody know just how much you really care.

Fantastic career progression opportunities

You may have started as an apprentice, but there's no reason why you can't take the next step. And the next one. And the one after that. In fact, there's always new and exciting opportunities for you to further your career and push yourself to a new level.

Continuing Professional Development opportunities

Maybe you like to learn new things? Well, there are some great opportunities to do so at Snapdragons, as you can sign up for training courses designed to advance your knowledge. Foundation Degrees, EYT courses, Makaton training, to name a few - take your pick!

Employee childcare discounts

Having children doesn't need to stop you from returning to work. In fact, we try and make this as easy as possible for you, by offering great discounts to employees on their childcare when they return from maternity leave.

Contribute to our magazine

Snapdragons publish a quarterly magazine, you've probably seen it. In fact, if you haven't, go take a look quickly. But the best bit is that you have the opportunity to contribute to this magazine! If you've got some expertise in a certain area and can lend your knowledge to a future issue, then you can finally see your name in print - just as you've always wanted.

Company induction

A perfect chance to find out a bit more about the company you're about to work for, as well as get all your questions answered.

Pension scheme

You may be able to earn yourself a place on our pension scheme if you meet certain criteria, where you can contribute to a pension scheme and Snapdragons will also contribute too.


You need one, we've got one. And your pinny is on the house.


Anything else?

Now’s your chance to let us know if there’s something we’re not doing that you think we could be. Drop us a message using the box below.

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