Thank you for completing the booking form for hiring at Snapdragons. We'll now review your form and confirm your booking with you as soon as possible. Please note that your booking will not be confirmed until you have received a confirmation email.

We're looking forward to hosting your special day, but before we get started, here are a few 'on-the-day' guidelines to be aware of before you arrive. If you have any questions, then feel free to send us an email at


When using the facilities at Snapdragons Weston, please respect the following guidelines.

  1. The climbing loft in the hall is really fun, but only suitable for four children at a time on the top level. Additional children could cause the floor to break or collapse, so please ensure that it does not become overcrowded.
  2. Our gardens are fantastic, but some areas are reserved for nursery use only. The fenced and gated areas are out of bounds and are locked for all hired events. Please do not allow children to enter these areas by scaling the fences or being helped over, as some of the equipment in there has been damaged by such attempts in the past. 
  3. Please ensure the children at the party respect the garden areas and do not ‘relocate’ certain things, e.g. move sand from the sandpit to the play areas, or damage any equipment, e.g. use pens to draw on the fencing.

Please try and leave the venue as you find it. We can dispose of your rubbish bags at the end and mop any floors if required.

Thank you again for hiring at Snapdragons Weston and we hope you enjoy your party.