Snapdragons values each child's health and we do everything we can to prevent infection when children are at nursery.

Children are encouraged to wash their hands regularly and practice good hygiene and toys and equipment are regularly sterilised and cleaned by members of the Snapdragons team.

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, some children will pick up illnesses, many of which are contagious even before they display symptoms. Because of this we enforce strict exclusion periods for children suffering from certain illnesses or symptoms to reduce risk of cross-infection within the nursery, both towards other children and our parents and employees.

Please take a look below (or using the links on the right) to find to some of the most common illnesses children may suffer from and note the enforced exclusion periods for each. You can also read more by clicking on the links to the NHS website. All of our exclusion periods are decided upon after consultation with the Department of Health.