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Henley Lodge blends together beautiful, historic architecture and inspirational gardens in the Roman city of Bath.

It is the benchmark for all other nurseries.

01225 426255

Henley Lodge, Weston Road, Bath, BA1 2XT

Henley Lodge, Weston Road, Bath, BA1 2XT

Tel: 01225 426255



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Class of 2014 Graduation at Weston

Graduation Day at Weston is never a dull affair - we want it to be one of the most memorable moments of a child's life and so go all out to give them a wonderful day.

It started with an exciting sports day, everyone competing in races and challenges - including the mummies and daddies - in the warm summer sun.

After a break for a delicious barbecue we prepared for the ceremony itself, handing out graduation hats and certificates to all of the amazing pre-schoolers leaving us for school this year.

You've all been so wonderful to have at Snapdragons and we can't say enough how much we're going to miss you.


Management & Administration Contact Times, W/C 21st July 2014


Hayley Fitton-Cook (Nursery Manager)

Hayley will be available: 7.30-4.30 Monday - Friday.

Should you need to contact Hayley outside working hours, please contact her via email: 



Kerrie Charlton (Early Years Lead Practitioner)

Kerrie will be on holiday all week.




Laura Yee (Administration)

Laura will be available 9-6 Monday - Friday.


Snapshot Weston - July 11th 2014

At Weston this past week, the children have been entertaining themselves with a fun gardening activity, planting new flowers to grow over the summer.

We also head up to babies who had borrowed some of our paper shreddings for a fun snowstorm session as well as a group enjoying a sing-song to Five Little Ducks.

Join Rhys as he takes a look back through all the best bits.


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Snapshot Weston - July 4th 2014

Lydia hosts Snapshot Weston this week as we catch up with the fun from the nursery including a fantastic attempt at balancing from our Puffins as they try and walk as far as they can with blocks on their heads.

Elsewhere in the nursery we find our toddler practising their mark making using trains in the sand and babies baking some tasty brownies for their friends.


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Snapshot Weston - June 27th 2014

Kerrie is flying solo on Snapshot Weston this week but still manages to find the time to give you a quick look through some of the fun activities we've had on.

We've still been looking at different countries participating in the World Cup and one of the ones that came up this week was Japan, so Puffins were making their own Japanese flags and constructing torii.

Meanwhile, babies were enjoying a bit of dusty flour play, scooping it up in their hands as the summer breeze blew it around them. Koalas had gone for something a little less dusty and were giving their dollies a good clean in an outdoor bath.


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Snapshot Weston - June 20th 2014

On Snapshot Weston this week, Jon & Amy are finding out what happened at our Father's Day party at the end of last week. They're also taking a quick look at all the fun activities we've had going on whilst celebrating the World Cup, exploring many different countries that are taking part.

We can't leave out our toddler trip either as a group headed up to Dyrham Park to go on a toddler trail. There's plenty of fun all around so join us on a little tour through the week at Weston.


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Snapshot Weston - June 13th 2014

We're back from a short time away and we've got a new episode of Snapshot Weston for you, with your hosts Kerrie & Katie!

As they look back on the week, we find out how we've started to embrace the Brazilian spirit ahead of the World Cup and also our own Chillfest festival next Saturday. We also spend some time preparing for Father's Day too so to all our dads out there - have a great weekend!


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