Snapdragons Weston

Henley Lodge blends together beautiful, historic architecture and inspirational gardens in the Roman city of Bath.

It is the benchmark for all other nurseries.

01225 426255

Henley Lodge, Weston Road, Bath, BA1 2XT

Henley Lodge, Weston Road, Bath, BA1 2XT

Tel: 01225 426255



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Management & Administration Contact Times, W/C 1st December 2014


Hayley Fitton-Cook (Nursery Manager)

Hayley will be available - 8.15-6.15 on Monday and Thursday, from 7.30-11.30 on Tuesday and Friday and from 7.30-5.30 on Wednesday.

Should you need to contact Hayley outside working hours, please contact her via email: 


Kerrie Charlton (Early Years Lead Practitioner)

Kerrie will be available from 7.30-5.30 on Monday, 8.15-6.15 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and from 7.30-11.30 on Thursday.


Laura Yee (Administration)

Laura will be available from 8.00-5.00 Monday through to Friday.  

Have a lovely weekend. 


Snapshot Weston - November 14th 2014

Georgi is heading off to the Alps for a six month hiatus and so wanted to make sure she got in one last episode of Snapshot before she leaves. So she and Lydia take a look back at everything that's been happening at Weston this past week, including poppy fields, puddle splashes and games of peek-a-boo!


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Snapshot Weston - November 7th 2014

It's all about the fireworks this week! With many celebrations going off on Wednesday, the children have felt the need to light their own and so have found what seems like a thousand ways to create a firework picture.

Katharine and Katie take a look back at what they all chose to do.


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Snapshot Weston - October 31st 2014

It's been a spooky week at Weston in the leadup to Halloween today and Rhys and Kerrie have bravely volunteered to step up and host the show for us on the scariest of days in the year.

We've got absolutely loads to show you too, including pumpkins, witch hats, ghost hunts and disgusting bugs that have been hiding inside of hands!

Put on a brave face and let us take you on a haunted tour through Snapdragons Weston.


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Snapshot Weston - October 24th 2014

At Weston this week, the children enjoyed baking cheescake, visiting Bath City Football Club and creating marks on a chalkboard with both chalks and a paint brush!

Abi & Katie are your hosts to take you through the week.


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Visit to Noah's Ark Zoo - October 14th 2014

We headed off on a wet and rainy day to see some of the animals at Noah's Ark Zoo! Pre-school especially enjoyed the giraffes, roaming around the area with their long necks, or the cheeky monkeys, swinging around and making lots of noise!


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Snapshot Weston - October 10th 2014

It's Jon's last week at Snapdragons Weston and he wants to make sure his last episode of Snapshot is a doozy. So he filled it with activities for you all in an effort to make it last forever. We have baking and space travel and bear costumes and clean mud - a bit of everything really, so join Jon and Lydia as the walk you through the fun of the week.

And goodbye to Jon too! We'll all miss having your charm around.


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